Gift Cards Holders

Gift Cards Holders

If you may be concerned that a family member or a close friend may not consider a simple gift card a cool idea for a special occasion, you may want to offer them such an item in a “specific container” that will catch their eyes and personalize the entire gesture. Select a gift card holder which can be used at a later time as well, serving as an extra gift.


You can turn simple shipping tags that can be purchased from craft and office supply stores into very nice gift card holders. You can secure the card to the actual tag by simply cutting a short strip of card stock which should be as wide as the tag and about one-inch tall. Try to affix the strip by simply adding a few dabs of white glue, small pieces of double-stick tape or decorative metal brads, on each and every end of the actual strip. Then, strip the card beneath the card stock strip. You may choose to put a tall card stock die-cut next to a tag taping it along the bottom and top, after which you can slip the card in from one side. Choose to write a congratulatory or a humorous message on the tag`s back using paint pens or markers. Put the tag into a nice greeting card or you can tie the tag to a gift using a small piece of colorful ribbon.

Fabric Pouches

Slip your card in a fabric pouch of a small size which your recipient may later use for holding jewelry when going on a vacation, for instance. You can purchase a drawstring pouch at pretty much any craft store and turn it into a beautiful card holder by simply embellishing the side with paper flowers and rhinestones, or adding fabric paint pens made by hand.

Picture Frame

You should display the card into a photo frame that is made to hold a 3×5-inch photo. Purchase a cheap frame made from plastic or wood from any craft store and add a nice message written with a marker. Tack your gift card to a 3×5-inch card stock and put it into the frame.

Extra Gifts

You can conceal a card into an extra gift which will coordinate with the card`s theme. If you are presenting a card to a music store, for example, put it into a compact disc next to the favorite band of the recipient. You can put clothing store cards into a wallet or the pocket of a shirt. Put a gift card that has a bookstore theme in the pages of the recipient`s favorite book. You may wrap a gift card that is food related inside an edible item.

When it comes to gift card holder ideas, the only things you need to know is the tastes of the recipients and a little imagination.

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