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ABC Gift Cards started at a local area in 2006 in the tri-state region. There were two different entrepreneurs who realized the need of development for a specific marketplace where most where most people out there are able to purchase, sell, or trade their own gift cards. These days, with a lot of local kiosk places and a wide dedicated member staff, ABC Gift Cards, which has their headquarters in New Jersey, is a reputable online marketplace providing the widest pool of cheap gift cards from which to choose.

This certain realization has been sparked by a “The New York Times” article in 2005, which described how many people out there that were in financial difficulties, discovered a method to save important amounts of money per year.

Gift cards are generally considered among the most popular type of presents in the United States, generating more than $100 billion per year, according to the The Tower Group.

Still, around 8.5% of the dollars on all those cards will go unspent pretty much each year.

In response of this, ABC Gift Cards came to the conclusion that a secondary market was needed, for purchasing, selling or trading gift cards.

1. For purchasers, they present a chance to pick up various gift cards at different savings of up to 30%. The gift cards can then be redeemed for store merchandise or offered to family members or close friends. This offers an easy chance to go against the rising living costs and also save large amounts of money every year.

Free ABC Gift Cards

2. For sellers, this will be a convenient and fast method of getting cash.

3. Those people who trade, this may be an easy method to exchange a card for one from a specific store they might prefer.

For merchants, such a type of market is really considered a blessing. When a specific company will sell a certain gift card, it first records some kind of liability on its balance sheet for its obligation to the owner of the card. The liability will be erased and revenue will be recorded when the gift card will be used or will expire.

ABC Gift Cards are the ideal method to solve those hard gift decisions. In their store, you can select from $10 to over $200, and over the internet you can select from three different types of cards: $25, $50 and $100. Card balances are usually available to use for an entire year from the issued date.

ABC plastic gift cards may be bought (also redeemed) at all ABC Centers, ABC Shops or ABC Shop Online. You may redeem them via orders over the phone or mail as well.

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