Free XBox Live Cards

Free XBox Live Cards

About Xbox

The Xbox is considered a video game console owned by Microsoft. It was released at the end of 2001 in the United States and at the beginning of 2002 in Japan and later on in Europe and Australia. It`s considered the first foray of Microsoft when it comes to the gaming console market. >Being part of the 6th-generation of gaming, Xbox`s competition was Nintendo`s GameCube, Sega`s Dreamcast and Sony`s PlayStation 2. The main feature that brought its popularity was the fact that critics believed that Xbox had a much better online experience than its competitors.

The successor of the Xbox, the Xbox 360, was launched at the end of 2005. This Xbox version was almost immediately discontinued in 2005 because of the poor sales. The same thing happened in Europe one year later, and in the United States, two years later. The last Xbox game was released in the late 2006 in Europe, being named Tony Hawk`s Project 8. The Live support for Xbox was also discontinued in April 2010.

About Xbox Live Cards

Just like most of the other reputable companies out there, Microsoft started to release Xbox live cards for all Xbox`s fans that enjoyed playing Xbox online. There are a few subscriptions that can be used with Xbox live cards, the 3-month Gold Subscription being perhaps the most popular one. If you are an Xbox enthusiast, than you can`t miss using one of these subscriptions coming for Xbox live cards.

Free XBox Live Cards

How to Get a Free Xbox Live Card?

Our company works in close relation to an Xbox provider and we are able to offer regular Xbox items to all Xbox fans who don`t mind offering their participation in exchange for these free offers. With a couple of minutes from your own time, you can get your hands on a free Xbox item with almost no effort whatsoever.

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