Free Subway Gift Cards

Free Subway Gift Cards

About Subway

Subway is a restaurant based on sandwiches which has franchise outlets all over the world. Subway gift cards are pretty convenient for most people who are on the run and choose to consume fast food choices. This type of cards will let you accumulate various points which are based on how much money you spend using the services of Subway.

Free Subway Gift Card Offer

Our website offers an easy way to get a free Subway gift card. Click the left green gift card and complete the easy steps with only a few clicks. Follow the guidelines within the website and you`ll find that getting a free Subway gift card (or a free Subway printable coupon) couldn`t be any easier than this.

Activating the Subway Gift Card

You can go at your local Subway restaurant and let the cashier know how much cash you want to load on your gift card. You need to load more than $5 if you want to activate your card.

Another option could be to go to their official website and sign up for their regular newsletters. From time to time, they send various emails to their customers promoting their offers.

Free Subway Gift Cards

Registering the Subway Gift Card

You will need to register your Subway gift card. Doing so you will allow yourself to add more money to your account, see if you may be eligible for any possible promotional offers, or track how many points you have.

Using the Subway Gift Card

Get yourself to any of your local Subway restaurants and buy food using your new Subway gift card. Present it to the cashier for him to swipe. This will activate the gift card and will allow you to start collecting points which may be redeemed for various rewards.

Earning Points

Before being able to use the Reward Card points, you need to earn enough so you can be eligible for various free menu items. You will be able to earn one point for each dollar you will spend on such menu items, according to the terms of the Subway program. Subway will then round the total of your points to the nearest dollar, before sales taxes. To be able to earn credit, you will need to show your Rewards Card when you make a purchase.


If you own a Subway gift card, you may be able to get a pretty great value savings for your next fast food order. You may choose whatever you want from Veggie Delight, Buffalo Chicken, Roast Beef, BBQ Pulled Pork or Cold Cut Combo. Most of these sandwiches are quite healthy, but also big on the flavor.

Future Gift Card Updates

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