Free CoverGirl Gift Cards

About CoverGirl CoverGirl is a cosmetics brand that was founded in Maryland in 1960, and which was acquired in 1989 by Procter & Gamble. The Noxzema Chemical Company, which was the company that actually founded CoverGirl (also known as Noxell), advertised this line of cosmetics

Free Sephora Gift Cards

About Sephora Sephora is seen as a French brand as well as a chain of stores that sell cosmetic items. The company was founded in 1970 and acquired later in 1997 by LVMH. With its headquarters in San Francisco and marketing offices in Montreal and N.Y. City,

Free Maybelline Gift Cards

About Maybelline Maybelline is seen as a popular make-up brand which is owned by L`Oreal. This company was created in 1915 by T.L. Williams. In his early thirties noticed his sister who was younger than him playing with their mother`s make-up items.

Free Victoria`s Secret Gift Cards

About Victoria`s Secret In 1977, Victoria`s Secret has been founded by Roy Raymond and is now considered the largest lingerie retailer from the United States. Victoria`s Secret is pretty popular for its annual fashion show as well as for its catalogs. Additionally to the stores,

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