Free Paypal Gift Cards

Free Paypal Gift Cards

About Paypal

Paypal is seen as one of the most reputable global e-commerce businesses that allow money or payment transfers to be made online. Money transfers made over the internet usually serve as electronic alternatives for regular paper methods, like money orders or checks.

Paypal performs payments processed for auction websites, online vendors, as well as commercial users, for which it charges a certain fee. It might charge a specific fee for receiving money as well. These fees usually depend on the currency which is used, the sender`s country, the recipient`s country, the amount sent, the payment option used as well as the account type of the recipient. Additionally, eBay orders made using a credit card through this company might incur additional fees if may happen for the seller or buyer to use different currencies.

About Paypal Gift Cards

The company thought to help its users by releasing Paypal gift certificates. So Paypal doesn`t really provide a real gift card but rather a gift certificate instead which later may be printed directly from their site.

Free Paypal Gift Cards

About Paypal Gift Certificates?

Paypal allows a pretty interesting feature. Anyone who has a Premier or Business account can easily create and sell customized gift certificates online in just a couple of minutes.

These Paypal Gift Certificates are:

– Cost-Effective: Gift certificates have no hidden charges or setup costs whatsoever. You only need to pay the regular payment receiving charge, and nothing more.

– Customizable: Create your very own gift certificates as you like by setting amounts, making HTML edits, importing images or adding colors.

– Profitable: Try to attract new clients, grow sales and improve purchases when clients redeem gift certificates on your site. Most researches show that clients spend much more when they choose to redeem gift certificates.

– Easy: Choose to publish your Buy a Gift Certificate button on your site in just a few minutes. You can use Paypal`s system to process your redemptions and sales, record each transaction or send receipt emails to your clients.

Signing Up to New Deals

Our company offers plenty of new gift cards each month. We choose to change all the expired offers with new ones in the attempt to keep our users satisfied. If you want to stay in touch with our new gift card offers, simply submit your email address in the above form and wait for our newsletter straight to your Inbox.

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