Free Google Play Gift Cards

Free Google Play Gift Cards

About Google Play

Google Play is considered a digital application distribution platform specifically developed by Android and maintained by Google. This great service, formerly known as the Android Market, allows its users to download movies, music, TV programs, books and various applications which were published through Google.

Applications are generally available either at a cost or free of charge, and they are able to be downloaded straight to a Google TV or Android device onto a personal computer or through the Play Store. This type of applications is usually focused to the average user using a particular hardware attribute of his own device, like a front-facing camera or a motion sensor.

The service was renamed Google Play at the beginning of 2012 along with the merging of the Android Market. This was made possible to coincide with the re-branding of the digital distribution strategy of Google. Most Google Play apps are available in more than 129 countries around the world.

Free Google Play Gift Cards

About Google Play Gift Cards

Google Play gift cards are new on the market, so people may lack of information when it comes to these gift cards. They are available in the U.S. in the amounts of ten, fifteen, twenty-five and fifty dollars. This type of gift cards cannot be redeemed for Android hardware, apps or subscriptions. For more related info, you should refer to the Google`s Terms & Conditions. If you are interested in finding a retailer in your local area, you should visit Google`s gift card page area.

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